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The Relaxed Dog was started with the intent to massage dogs and improve their standard of health. The more time I have spent with people and their dogs, along with continual studies has made me realise that so many other areas of our dogs lives receive a positive reaction by including massage as a regular practice. Combined with a regular Canine Conditioning and Fitness program your best friend/s will enjoy a healthier, longer life.

Robert Ober
Founder & Manager

Hi, I'm Robert. I've always been drawn to dogs and love the way they have integrated into the family home. I like spending time with all sorts of dogs and have often been told that I've made a connection with a dog that has surprised its owners.


Balance is very important in their (or anyone's) lifestyle so I have completed various qualifications which I believe can greatly assist the work we will complete together to improve your dog's general health and lifestyles. These include;

Certified Canine Remedial Massage Therapist

Certified Canine Fitness and Conditioning Coach

Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner (Level 2 human as well)

Canine Nutrition - RAW Feeding (in progress)

I have a thirst for knowledge and am always learning new things about helping our canine friends. I am a member of several professional organizations, attend seminars, workshops and am continually studying techniques from some of the fields leading practitioners in their fields including Jonathan Rudinger, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, Kyra Sundance and many others.

I am also very proud to state that I am the official canine masseur to the RSPCA's Million Paws Club (NSW), volunteering my time to pamper the dogs of their fundraising champions.

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Malee Doberman
VP Marketing

I'm Malee and I love massages, the outdoors and running.

I am also heavily involved in various TRD marketing campaigns as well as assisting Rob with his personal fitness (and that's a big challenge).

I'm the engine of the TRD - Racing team and we were the 2019 'Rookies of the year' in our first year of racing (Scootering) with the 'Siberian Express All Breed Running Club'. If your dog loves running come and join us.

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