Cannine Massage and a whole lot more. During a massage session I'll discuss various methods to enhance both you and your dogs lives




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Do you want to build a better relationship with your dog?

Would you like your dog to be a little more intergrated into your family?

Do you want your dog to have a more fulfilled life?

Do you want to improve your dogs health?


Hi there, I'm Robert and I hope that you and your dog are well.

Like you, I love dogs. No other species has adapted and bonded to humans more than our canine friends. This makes them very special indeed as I'm sure you already know.


Whilst every dog is unique, they are all made up of bones, muscles and organs underneath their skin. Your dog has around 320 bones and 700 muscles, with the muscles making up around 40-50% of your dogs weight.

It's the muscles that I'd love to be able to help you and your dog with. I believe that a number of different issues can be helped by stimulating appropriate muscles with various massage techniques.


Scientific research has shown many benefits of massage therapy including;

Relieve muscle tension

Increase flexibility and motion range

Improve blood and lymphatic circulation

Help prevent injury and illness

Alleviate pain

Assist in recovery after surgery and exercise

Improves mood

Reduce anxiety

Just like us, dogs will enjoy many benefits from receiving a massage. I use and teach canine massage to be used as a foundation to build trust and form a bond that has shown to have a positive effect in many other areas of their lives.



Important note: If you have any medical concerns about your dog I strongly advise you to contact your vet for advice.



Massage for your Dog


Is proud to be the official canine massage therapist to the RSPCA's Million Paws Club.




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